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 North Island Explorer's Guide to Marine Life

The North Island Explorer's Guide to Vancouver Island's Marine Life























Vancouver Island has a rich variety of marine organisms. This guide contains some of the more common, easily identified animals that you are likely to encounter while walking along the various shoreline habitats of North Vancouver Island.



     Sea Stars: Ochre Sea Star, Troschel's Sea Star, Blood Star, Leather Star, Giant Pink Star, Six-rayed Sea Star, Sunflower Star, Morning Sun Star, Rainbow Star, Vermilion Star, Bat Star, Velcro Star, Daisy Brittle Star


     Sea Cucumbers: Red Sea Cucumber, California Sea Cucumber


     Sea Urchins: Red Sea Urchin, Green Sea Urchin


     Other Echinoderms: Sand Dollar




     Crabs: Purple Shore Crab, Green Shore Crab, Porcelain Crab, Black-clawed Crab, Red Rock Crab, Pygmy Rock Crab, Kelp Crab, Graceful Decorator Crab, Helmet Crab, Hairy Crab, Dungeness Crab, Heart Crab


     Shrimp: Pacific Prawn, Humpback Shrimp, Coonstripe Shrimp


     Hermits: Widehand Hermit, Bering Hermit, Blueband Hermit


     Other Crustaceans: Thatched Barnacle, Goose-neck Barnacle




     Jellyish: Lion's Mane Jellfish, Water Jelly, Moon Jelly


     Anemones: Pink-tipped Anemone, Burrowing Anemone, Painted Anemone, Green Surf Anemone


     Other Cnidarians: Orange Cup Coral




     Chitons: Mossy Chiton, Black Leather Chiton, Giant Pacific Chiton


     Bivalves: Manilla Clam, Pacific Littleneck Clam, Varnish Clam, Washington

Butter Clam, Giant Rock Scallop, Giant Pacific Oyster, Bent-nose Macoma, Northwest Ugly Clam, California Sunset Clam, Flat-tip Piddock, California Mussel, Pacific Razor Clam, Bodega Tellin


     Univalves: Northern Abalone, Wrinkled Dogwrinkle, Northern Striped Dogwinkle, Leafy Hornmouth, DireWhelk, Black Turban, Checkered Periwinkle, Purple Olive, Zigzag Olive, Giant Western Nassa, Checkered Hairy Snail, White Cap Limpet, Fingered Limpet, Black Limpet


     Nudibranchs: Sea Lemon, Rainbow Nudibranch, Shag-rug Nudibranch, Barnacle-eating Nudibranch, Leopard Dorid, Opalescent Nudibranch, White-and-orange-tipped (Janolus) Nudibranch, Red Flabellina, Cockerell`s Nudibranch


     Octopods: Giant Pacific Octopus


     Other: Zebra Leafslug, Bubble Shells



      Scalyhead Sculpin, Lingcod, Starry Flounder, Halibut, Snailfish, Ratfish, Striped Seaperch, China Rockfish, Black Rockfish, Vermilion Rockfish, Yelloweye Rockfish, Tiger RockfishFlathead Clingfish, Spiny Dogfish





     Pinepeds: Harbour Seal, California Sea Lion

     Other Mammals:



Other Marine Animals

Worms: Red Tube Worm, Purple Ribbon Worm, Orange Ribbon Worm, Commensal Scaleworm


Sea Sponges:


Brachipods: Transverse Lampshell


Tunicates: Broadbased Tunicate, Spiny-headed Tunicate



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