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Green Burrowing Anemone







































Pacific Northwest: Green Burrowing Anemone


Photo 1: A 'Green' Burrowing Anemone attached to rocks in the intertidal zone.



Burrowing Anemone: Anthopleura artemisia

Common Names: moonglow anemone, buried anemone, buried green anemone


This anemone is often found in the sand or in rocky outcrops near the sand. They also inhabit the holes made by rock-boring clams. It is usually green or dark grey in colour on Vancouver Island. The tentacles generally have white bands, if they have bands at all.



 Burrowing Anemone in the Sand.


Photo 2: Burrowing Anemone in the Sand

The name 'Burrowing Anemone' is well-deserved as often only the tentacles are visible, while the rest of the anemone is buried in the sand or other sediment.



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