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Giant Pacific Chiton: Gumboot Chiton







































A Giant Pacific Chiton at Stories Beach.


Photo 1: Giant Pacific Chiton on a rock



Giant Pacific Chiton: Cryptochiton stelleri

Common names: gumboot chiton, red-brick chiton


Photo 2: Underside of a Gumboot Chiton


This is the largest chiton found on Vancouver Island. It's colors vary from red-brick to brown. Like all chitons it has 8 bony plates (shells) covering its softer body. These shells are known as butterfly shells when they are washed up on the beach. Because of its size and coloration, this chiton becomes easy not to notice as some plant-like growth on a boulder (though chitons are in fact animals). The underside is generally orange or yellow.



A child holding a Pacific Gumboot Chiton.




Photo 3: Another Giant Pacific Chiton with bright red coloration.


This chiton is a herbivore and grazer. It feeds off of encrusting algae. It is a nocturnal animal, hiding during the day and feeding at nights.

 Red gumboot chiton



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