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Painted Anemone


Photo 1: Painted Anemone attached to a rock in the intertidal zone.



Painted Anemone: Urticina grebelnyi (formerly Urticina crassicornis)

Common Names: Christmas anemone, mottled anemone, green and red anemone


This anemone has been reclassifiedin 2006 to Urticina grebelnyi* so most references on the internet list it as Urticina crassicornis. The colour is distinctive as are the non-adhesive vesicles.



 Painted Anemone: Column View


Photo 2: Columnal View of a Painted Anemone

Here the vesicles are clearly visible on the column, whereas U. crassicornis is completely smooth.



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*See Sanamyan & Sanamyan, 2006 or visit their anemone website for further explanation.