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Pacific Prawn




































Pacific Prawn

Photo 1: Pacific Prawn pulled up from a prawn trap. (Prawn caught on the north side of Hardwicke Island).


Pacific Prawn: Pandalus platyceros

This is the largest commercial shrimp caught in B.C. waters. It's solid, savoury flesh make it a favourite among prawn catchers. This prawn can be identified by two pairs of white spots on its abdomen and white stripes on its carapace.


Prawns mature at about 1 year and then spend two years as males. In their fourth and final year, prawns typically transform to female in a process called protandric hermaphrodism.


This prawn is an important commercial species with most of the annual harvest being shipped to asian markets, especially Japan. The fishery is strictly regulated.


Recreational tidal licenses allow a catch of 200 per day.



 Reference: B.C. Department of Fisheries Pamphlet on the Prawn Fishery.


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