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Sea Lemon: Anisodoris nobilis


Sea Lemon (Anisodoris Nobilis)

Other names: Noble Sea Lemon, Pacific Sea Lemon, Sea Lemon Nudibranch.


Photo 1: Sea Lemon on seaweed.

Sea Lemons are nudibranchs (sea slugs). This particular species of nudibranch has yellow bumps called tubercles over it body. The bumps' color and texture give the Sea Lemon the appearnace of a lemon rind on a rock, hence the name.  (Taken at Shelter Point, Campbell River)






Photo 2: Sea Lemon with underside exposed.

Sea Lemons eat sea sponges. Like other nudibranchs, they have few or no predators because of their foul taste. Sea Lemons emit a strong fruity smell when threatened. (Taken at Shelter Point, Campbell River)









Noble Sea Lemon on seaweed.

Sea lemon with underside exposed.




































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