North Island Explorer: Guide to North Vancouver Island



California Sea Lion







































Bull California Sea Lion.

Photo 1: Bull California Sea Lion sunbathing on a rock. California Sea Lions are common on the coast of Vancouver Island.


California Sea Lion: Zalophus Californianus

Photo 2: A Bull (male) California Sea Lion Watching the Camera.

Californian Sea Lions can be differentiated from Steller Sea Lions by their size and their snout. California Sea Lions are much smaller and have a dog-like snout. As well, the bulls develop a bony bump on the top of their head that grows with age. This is called the sagittal crest. It is clearly visible in both pictures above and to the right.


California Sea Lions eat rockfish, mackerel, herring, squid, and octopus. They are in turn eaten by Killer Whales and sometimes end up in fishing nets. They are also illegally shot by fishermen who view them as a menace to fish stocks.



California Sea Lion Face.