North Island Explorer: Guide to North Vancouver Island






Daisy Brittle Star


Daisy Brittle Star

(Ophiopholis aculeata)

Other Names: Mottled Brittle Star


Photo 1: Brittle Star in Child's Hand.

These brittle stars are extremely small and fragile as their name suggests. They have characteristic red-orange bands on the arms and a mottled disc. They live by picking detritus from the bottom or by catching food from the water column with their tube feet. (Taken at Shelter Point Reef)



Photo 2: Daisy Brittle Star under Rock.

Unfortunately, one of the arms broks as this rock was turned over, demonstrating the need to move rocks gently when exploring the intertidal zone. It will regenerate the arm in time. (Taken at Shelter Point Reef)











Daisy Brittle Star in Child's Hand.

Daisy Brittle Star Under Rock.





































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