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Manilla Clam




































Manilla Clam/Japanese Littleneck Clam

Photo 1: A Manilla Clam (Photo taken at Open Bay, Quadra Island.)


Manilla Clam*/Japanese Littleneck Clam: Venerupis philippinarum


This small clam is a favourite for the dinner table and often goes under the name 'steamer' along with the Pacific Littleneck Clam. The name Manilla Clam and Japanese Littleneck Clam are equally used to refer to it. With both radial ribs and concentric rings, the shell has a checkerboard pattern like the Pacific Littleneck Clam. However, the Manilla Clam generally is more elongated and has more colour variation than the Pacific Littleneck.


The Manila Clam was introduced into B.C. water in the 1930s along with oyster seed. They are found high in the intertidal zone and so they are susceptable to frost kills when cold weather and low-tides combine.




 *Department of Fisheries spells it Manila Clam with one 'L' but most other sources use Manilla Clam.

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