North Island Explorer: Guide to North Vancouver Island






A Cretaceous Ammonite: polyptychoceras.


Cretaceous Ammonite:




Photo 1: Polyptychoceras in concretion.

This heteromorph ammonite is quite common in Cretaceous shales on the Trent and Puntledge Rivers. They are known to collectors as the paper-clip ammonites or sometime they are referred to as candy canes.




Photo 2: Polyptychoceras with enamel.

In this sample, fossilized remnants of the shell are still visible over most of the ammonite. These ammonites have 3 parallel shafts, but usually only two are found --one bend in the paper clip.









Polyptychoceras in concretion.

 Polyptychoceras vancouverense: paper clip ammonite from Cretaceous.






































Other Vancouver Island Cretaceous Fossils:

Crustaceans: Linuparus (Spiny Lobster), Longusorbis (Crab)

Ammonites: Hauericeras, Polyptychoceras

Bivalves: Inoceramus, Sphenoceramus

Gastropods: Capulus (Elf Cap Snail)