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Cretaceous Ammonite: Hauericeras gardeni


Cretaceous Ammonite: Hauericeras gardeni


Photo 1: Two views of ammonite.

Hauericeras gardeni is known to collectors as the 'flying saucer' ammonite. It is easy to see why: The ammonite is extremely compressed. It looks like a disc. This particluar ammonite was found on the Puntledge River, but it is quite common in other areas too. I have collected specimens on the Trent River and on the Island Highway as well.











Side view of ;flying saucer' ammonite.































Other Vancouver Island Cretaceous Fossils:

Crustaceans: Linuparus (Spiny Lobster), Longusorbis (Crab)

Ammonites: Hauericeras, Polyptychoceras

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Gastropods: Capulus (Elf Cap Snail)