North Island Explorer: Guide to North Vancouver Island






Spiny Lobster: Linuparus vancouverensis


Cretaceous Spiny Lobster: (Linuparus vancouverensis)





Photo 1: Carapace and tail of  Cretaceous spiny lobster.

This spiny lobster was found on the Puntledge River just north of the Island Highway.  Spiny Lobsters have no claws like true lobsters. Instead, they have 10 legs of about equal size. Some spiny lobsters are still alive today in most warm ocean environments including the Carribean, the Meditterranean, and the Pacific and Indian Oceans.




Photo 2: Spiny Lobster with underside exposed.

In the top right side of the photo, you can see some of the legs partially revealed. Also if you look closely, you can see short spines on the body. Spiny lobsters are often found in flat cigar-shaped concretions.




Illustration 1: Modern day spiny lobster.

Spiny lobsters are decapods, meaning 10-legged animals.



Illustration of modern day spiny lobster.









Fossil cretaceous spiny lobster from Puntledge River.

Spiny lobster fossil as seen from underside.















































Crustaceans: Linuparus (Spiny Lobster), Longusorbis (Crab)

Ammonites: Hauericeras, Polyptychoceras

Bivalves: Inoceramus, Sphenoceramus

Other Mollusks: Capulus (Elf Cap Snail)