North Island Explorer: Guide to North Vancouver Island






Cretaceous Fossil Crab: Longusorbis cuniculosus.


Cretaceous Crab:

Longusorbis cuniculosus


Photo 1: Longusorbis in concretion.

This crab is found in only place in the world: the Shelter Point Reef. It is found in the concretions that weather out of the shale. It is characterized by three teeth at the front of each side of the carapice (barely visible in photo) and long eye stalks.










Fossil Cretaceous Crab from Shelter Point: Longusorbis.


























Other Vancouver Island Cretaceous Fossils:

Crustaceans: Linuparus (Spiny Lobster), Longusorbis (Crab)

Ammonites: Hauericeras, Polyptychoceras

Bivalves: Inoceramus, Sphenoceramus

Gastropods: Capulus (Elf Cap Snail)