North Island Explorer: Guide to North Vancouver Island







Cretaceous Bivalve:



Photo 1: Sphenoceramus (possibly S. schmidti).

This genus of bivalves is characterized by concentric folds that, in some species, are intersected by oblique radial ribs. This speciman appears to be Sphenoceramus schmidti.






Photo2: Sphenoceramus, species unidentified.

Fossil collected from Island Highway at Hamm Road.







Sphenoceramus elegans

Fossil Sphenoceramus shell in matrix.





































Other Vancouver Island Cretaceous Fossils:

Crustaceans: Linuparus (Spiny Lobster), Longusorbis (Crab)

Ammonites: Hauericeras, Polyptychoceras

Bivalves: Inoceramus, Sphenoceramus

Gastropods: Capulus (Elf Cap Snail)