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Pacific Tree Frog's of Vancouver Island







































Pacific Tree Frog.

A Pacific Tree Frog at the side of a lake. Although, adult Pacific Tree Frogs are only about 4-6 cm long, their call can be heard 1 km away at times.


 Pacific Tree Frog: Hyla regilla

Pacific Tree Frogs come in colours from green to to brown. Individuals frogs have been known to change their colour in a relatively short time span.  As eggs and larva, Pacific Tree Frogs live in water, but as adults they are terrestrial living in the underbrush. Their fingers have suction pads, which they use to climb trees and other foliage.


As larva, they are herbivores, but become carnivorous on land, eating insects and spiders. The adults are preyed upon by bullfrogs, garter snakes, birds, and small mammals.